Put me in coach! I’m ready to play.

Corizon Corporate Softball Team - Put me in coach! I'm ready to play.

Back Row L-R: Bill Fowler, Jevin Moore, Coach Antoine Nunn, Jimmie Woodruff, Assistant Coach Shawn Lewis, Terry Macalady and Dustin Dorsey. Front Row L-R: Ashley Borders, Briana Lutes, Mandy Neal, Heather Haynes, Timeka Mister, Ontee Tyler, Schuronda Hodge and Jennifer Wilson. Not pictured: Remegilda Hill, Jessica Lee, George Parsons and Anita Wilkerson.

Meet the Corizon DOCs – the Corporate Office softball team! The season has started, the team has their first win and is looking forward to a fun-filled season! Local employees are invited to come cheer them on! Go, Team, Go!

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