I Escaped From Rikers Island!

I Escaped From Rikers Island!Hi, my name is Noel, and I have a confession to make…I escaped from Rikers Island!

I was born at the West Facility (a Corizon partner) as a member of the Island’s feral cat colony (domesticated species living wild) sometime in late November 2012.

Life on the Island is difficult, and one has to compete for food and a safe place to sleep. It can get really cold and lonely, even with other cats around. Small ones, like me, don’t get first choice. The officers and staff are kind enough to put food out for us, but eating off the ground can lead to complications such as stones that are attached to the food.

On December 21, 2012, I decided that it was way too rough here for me and I needed to make a break for it. I crawled under the car of  Corizon Sr. VP Don Doherty and made my way into the undercarriage. Little did I know that I would be going on a wild ride (at high speeds) from New York to New Jersey—I think he has taken too many high performance driving lessons. I held on sooo tight that I split my nails; what’s a girl to do?

I Escaped From Rikers Island!The next day, Saturday, I was cold, hungry and lonely, so I started to cry. Mr. Doherty, who crawled under the car with a flashlight to try and find me, heard my cries. I became frightened when I saw the light and then a big hand reaching for me. I used the path created by the light to escape; I ran and hid in the bushes near the car. Some time after he left I returned to the car and crawled inside again, which I thought of as a safe haven. I was still cold and hungry, and I began to cry again.

On Sunday, my cries were heard by Mr. Doherty’s daughter, Devin, whom I later found out is a veterinarian. She opened the hood of the car and with movements that can only be rivaled by a cat, reached in and scuffed me before I could move. She was kind to me; she petted me and fed me—I immediately liked her and rewarded her with lots of purrs. She took me inside and checked me over to be sure I didn’t have any visible injuries. Dr. Devin’s mom, Sharon, set up a huge crate with water, food, a litter box and lots of soft, warm blankets.

I Escaped From Rikers Island!On Christmas Eve, Dr. Devin took me to her clinic and gave me a thorough physical, blood tests and a bath. I was declared healthy except for one little problem—my tea bag sized stomach was full of STONES!

I Escaped From Rikers Island!Despite Dr. Devin’s many efforts to get me to pass the stones, I was unable to do so. Unfortunately, some of them were the size of a dime. With no other options available, I was rushed into emergency surgery on New Year’s Eve. After a two-hour surgery, Dr. Devin removed a fist full of stones from my little stomach and closed me. The operation was a success and I went home with Dr. Devin where I received intensive care from her and her family. It’s been two months since I escaped from Rikers Island and one month since my drastic surgery. I’m really a lucky girl! I’m completely healthy and growing lots. I spend my days playing with all the toys and the other cats; they’ve been really kind to me. I now live indoors only, have my own bed and lots to eat. I love my new mommy Dr. Devin; she’s been so good to me.