PharmaCorr presents to schools in Oklahoma

PharmaCorr's Peter Lee presents to schools in Oklahoma

Peter Lee, Sr. Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services.

Peter Lee, Sr. Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services, recently presented to the American Pharmacist Association student chapter at Southwestern Oklahoma State. More than 50 students and faculty members attended the meeting. Peter shared information about PharmaCorr, correctional healthcare and other possible managed care pharmacy opportunities. The PharmaCorr team will also soon be providing hands-on training experience for fourth-year Southwestern Oklahoma State pharmacy students. These presentations are building partnerships and allow future pharmacists to learn how PharmaCorr provides cost-effective and efficient pharmaceutical care.

PharmaCorr's Chuck Jones presents to schools in Oklahoma

Chuck Jones, President and COO of PharmaCorr.

Chuck Jones, President and COO of PharmaCorr, was also invited as a guest speaker addressing leadership to Oklahoma Pharmacy School faculty and leadership students. Chuck presented the seven principles from Fierce Conversations, shared how to bring positive change through powerful communication and how to employ everyday conversations to get the message across to over 20 participants. He also shared his leadership curriculum recommendations which may enhance OU’s leadership training as well. Peter Lee also attended the meeting and encouraged student leaders to elect PharmaCorr as their rotational site to further leadership development.

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