From Poland to the USA: One Indiana therapist’s amazing story

From Poland to the USA: One Indiana therapist’s amazing story

Anna and her son during the 2012 elections

Going door-to-door encouraging people to vote in an election may not seem like anything new for some residents close to election time. But, for Anna Sasin, Corizon therapist in Pendleton, IN, this choice stems from a long history of fighting for these simple freedoms in Poland.

Anna and her husband began their flight from communist Poland in the early 1980’s in hopes of reaching America for a higher quality of life with democracy, freedom, peace, justice and liberty. Their strenuous journey began while Anna was pregnant and she and her husband Christopher had just a backpack to their name. It took over four years, landing them in Yugoslavia and Germany before eventually settling in their adopted home of Indianapolis.

All during their journey, Poland continued its solidarity movement under the leadership of Lech Walesa, and it was the first non-communist party controlled trade union that advanced the causes of workers’ rights and social change in Poland. Walesa went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983 and served as the President of the Republic of Poland from 1990-1995.

From Poland to the USA: One Indiana therapist’s amazing story

Anna with her sons in Chicago meeting Lech Walesa

Anna continues, even today, to encourage citizens to use their rights to vote for political leadership, as she knows all too well what it’s like to be without that right. Her dedication has also taken affect on her children, who know the sacrifice their parents made to be here, and don’t want to take any of these privileges for granted! Anna’s daughter is in her fourth year of medical school and her sons were lucky enough to meet Lech Walesa recently in Chicago, with her oldest son, Ben, saying it was one of the most important days of his life.

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