In Memory of Jack Staffaroni: The man, the myth, the legend

In Memory of Jack Staffaroni: The man, the myth, the legendJack Staffaroni, Regional Vice President of the Eastern Region for PA DOC, who worked for Corizon for more than 12 years, lost his life on October 28, 2012. He started out as an HSA, and worked his way up to RVP, under the mentoring of his friend and leader, Regis Dorsch. His contributions managing the PA DOC contract were pivotal, and his management skills were exceptional because he cared about each and every one of his employees. He was their protector, “had their backs,” and he always let them know how much he appreciated their hard work. It was common for him to send acknowledgement letters at the holidays and to foot the bill for yearly employee appreciation picnics.

Jack’s family devotion defined his life. He adored his wife Nancy, whom he frequently referred to as “Queen,” and his children, Matt and Jill, meant the world to him. He would often rush home to catch one of Matt’s games or Jill’s dance recitals. Later, when they both married, he claimed that he needed to make more room at the table. When he became a grandfather, he was overjoyed and carried the latest baby pictures with him to proudly show everyone. Jack placed his family above all else. He treasured his Mom and dropped everything when his brothers or sister would call. Love and pride would show in his eyes when he spoke of his family, which he did often. He enjoyed the simple things in life, like weekend mornings with the kids making pancakes in the shape of their initials or playing with little Jack and Grace. When Jill discovered she was pregnant and he had to keep it a secret, he walked around like the cat that swallowed the canary. Once announced, Jack began creating plans for his next assignment as nanny or day-care host. It seemed every weekend held a family outing with his traditional Italian close-knit family. His recent trip to Italy with Nancy was very meaningful to him.

He was a stand up guy. His comments about things were characteristic of him. His catch phrases were infamous; his joy was contagious – Jack made us laugh! He was a caring person that made you feel special and he would even call and sing to you on your birthday! Jack was a Penn State football and Eagles fan. He enjoyed golf and donating his hard earned money to the casinos. Jack made a difference in so many people’s lives.

Jack was a gentle soul that tried to pretend he was rough and tough. People tell stories about Jack and things that they remember from years of working with him, but the things that exemplify his honorable reputation the most were the discreet collections or anonymous donations for people that suffered a hardship, or times sitting in the hospital overnight with parents of sick children.

He joked (we think) about how he didn’t like other people’s children, but ask our children who Jack was and they’ll tell you he was the guy who never forgot them on their birthday or a holiday.

There will be less laughter in the world now. Rest in peace Jack, you will be sorely missed!