St. Louis Corizon nurses deliver high-risk baby

Joseph Ribaudo St. Louis nurses for Corizon deliver high-risk baby

Nurse Joseph Ribaudo

One Sunday afternoon in September, nurses Joseph Ribaudo and Raecheal Handson, along with Officers James Moss and Angela Haughton of the St. Louis City Justice Center (MO), responded to a pregnant arrestee’s report of abdominal pains during her brief incarceration.

While in transport to the facility’s medical unit the arrestee, pregnant with twins, signified that she needed to “push.” Nurse Joseph Ribaudo sprang into action and aided the patient with her labor pains along with the assistance of Nurse Raecheal Handson. They alerted EMS of the patient’s need for transfer to the local pregnancy assessment center and emergency room. While waiting for the arrival of the transporting unit, the inmate patient began giving birth to the first twin. Correctional supervisors Capt. Raymond Brown and Lt. Eddie Bruen assembled a transport team to assist the patient in transport to the hospital. Mr. Ribaudo and Ms. Handson delivered the first twin breech in the medical unit while the second twin was delivered by c-section in the local hospital emergency room. Currently, both babies and mother are resting comfortably and we wish them well.

Raecheal Handson St. Louis nurses for Corizon deliver high-risk baby

Nurse Raecheal Handson

Mr. Ribaudo came to Corizon and the St. Louis City Jails in 2010 and brings a unique perspective to the field of correctional healthcare; his “can do” attitude makes him a true asset to our team. Ms. Handson came to Corizon and the St. Louis City Jails in 2008 after working in a variety of diverse healthcare settings. She has grown to understand the unique challenges of providing care within a correctional environment. She takes great pride in providing care to an underserved population; she often feels conventional healthcare and treatment avenues marginalize this group.

The last time deliveries occurred in the St. Louis City Jails were in 2002 by nurse Nancy James, who is currently a nursing recruiter at the Operations Headquarters in St. Louis, and in 1993 by nurse Richard White, who also remains a valued member of the St. Louis team.

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