Corizon employees attend first annual Puppies for Parole auction

Corizon employees attend 1st Annual Puppies for Parole auction

L-R: Stuart Campbell, Dr. Mark Fleming, Leon Vickers and Ralf Salke pictured with Puppies for Parole metal work auction piece

Puppies for Parole held its first annual auction in Jefferson City, Missouri, on September 8. More than 500 people attended the event for the live and silent auctions and BBQ dinner. Puppies for Parole is a program developed by the Missouri Department of Corrections (MDOC) to prevent the euthanization of dogs in local shelters. Director of Corrections George Lombardi stated, “The project allows offenders to be handlers of the dogs and train them within the prison environment over an 8-week period. The detainees learn a skill and the program changes their thinking and emotional makeup. It improves the atmosphere of the prisons and most importantly, helps those in need like the developmentally disabled, ailing and aging veterans, children of autism and returning combat veterans.” Our Hospice units use canines in several infirmaries across Missouri. Leon Vickers, Regional Director, gave a presentation at the auction detailing how the dogs in our hospice units aid/comfort dying inmates.

The event raised more than $17,000 for the dogs. Corizon employees attended the event and contributed over $1,700 through the auction items and tickets. Those in attendance from Corizon were: Stuart Campbell, Ralf Salke, Dr. Mark Fleming, Leon Vickers, Deb Steinman, Tara Taylor, Stormi Moeller, Cary Markley and Toni Keel. Stuart Campbell was the successful bidder of the Puppies for Parole metal work and donated it to the Missouri Regional Office to be displayed for all to see.

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