Santa Rita Corizon nurses recognized for efforts in HIV testing

Santa Rita Corizon nurses recognized for efforts in HIV testingIn July, nurses and providers from Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County (CA) enjoyed refreshing root beer floats in celebration of the number of HIV testings. Liz Mastroianni, R-NP, CCHP proudly received a Certificate of Achievement from Holvis Delgadillo, MPH, Case Worker/Test Coordinator in Santa Rita Jail/Glenn Dyer Detention Facilities in Alameda County. Ms. Mastroianni currently holds the title in celebration of the number of HIV testings they performed. Another recipient of this honor is Ikuko Spearman, RN.

Ms. Ikuko and Ms. Mastroianni are participating, along with other nurses and providers, in a very unique program offering HIV testing to our inmates during sick calls in Santa Rita Jail. The expanded HIV testing, as it is called, is a program funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and administered by the Office of AIDS Administration (OAA) in Alameda County. “OAA subcontracted with Corizon-Santa Rita Jail and Glenn Dyer Detention Facility in Alameda County, to develop and incorporate opt-out rapid HIV testing into all inmate physical examinations and assessments at the two sites. The program is representing for the first time that HIV testing has been offered within the high-volume Santa Rita Jail–the nation’s fifth largest county jail facility and in Glenn Dyer facility, which serves as a holding facility for the City of Oakland.”

For Corizon, the primary goal is to reach a high proportion of extremely high-risk African American and Latino men, including gay and non-gay identified men who have sex with men, and injection drug users (IDUs). Another goal, upon finding HIV positive inmates, is to link them to care while inside the jail and to coordinate with the Discharge Planning Program team when they are released.

Corizon congratulates all the nurses and providers for their participation, including Ms. Spearman and Ms. Mastroianni for their efforts, and to Mr. Delgadillo for coordinating a team of over 40 nurses and 7 providers in this unique program. Mr. Delgadillo, a newly hired employee, describes in his own words that Corizon’s contribution, “goes to the heart of its mission statement.”

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