Santa Rita jail films PSA about HIV care for inmates

Santa Rita jail films PSA about HIV care for inmatesThe discharge management program at Santa Rita Jail, a Corizon facility, which appeared in the May edition of Inside the COR, was recently featured in Positive Spin Magazine. Discharge Planning Coordinator, Caroline Ahlstrom, decided to go one step further and film a PSA about the program.

The PSA features information about the program and HIV care at the jail. In addition, they are working on presenting another PSA that talks about all the services that the program provides to jail inmates. Caroline and Dr. Harold Orr, Regional Medical Director, will also be speaking about the program at the NCCHC Fall conference.


Please take a few moments to view this very important PSA and share the link with as many people as possible. Don’t forget to LIKE the video! Full link.

At Corizon, we understand the unique needs of prison and jail healthcare delivery systems. In addition, we realize that each facility maintains its own particular environment, which often influences the best way to deliver care.

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