King’s College students become acquainted with Corizon correctional healthcare

King’s College students become acquainted with Corizon correctional healthcareCorizon representatives from PA-DOC (Pennsylvania Department of Corrections) sites hosted an annual presentation to the physician assistant students at King’s College, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania on March 22nd. Students were eager to ask questions and were surprised with the complexity of correctional medicine delivered to inmates within the prison. Discussions about telemed sessions, Hep C treatments and oncology programs are examples of questions the panel was able to respond to. One student asked about “being afraid.” This opened a dialogue whereby the correctional experience was compared to working in an emergency room of a major city.

The panel consisted of former King’s College graduates, led by Janan Loomis, PA-C, who has a 16-year history in correctional medicine. The remaining members were: Rich Andruezzi, PA; Nancy Palmigiano, PA; Aaron Confer, PA Corizon Recruiter; Suzanne Kruczek, SCI-Retreat Program Manager; and Karen Rapoch, Regional Director.

Similar sessions were also offered at Lock Haven University, Pennsylvania College of Technology, St. Francis University and Philadelphia University.

In the fast-paced jail setting, Corizon has established processes associated with patient flow, from intake through discharge. We identify those at risk for substance abuse withdrawal, behavioral health problems, chronic conditions and communicable diseases. Because jail inmate stays are often short, Corizon builds linkages with community care providers – such as substance abuse centers and community health providers – to facilitate follow-up care after release, and implement preventive care and communicable disease prevention processes wherever possible.

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