Santa Rita Jail, Corizon, featured in ‘Positive Spin’ newsletter

Santa Rita Jail, Corizon, featured in ‘Positive Spin' magazineThe Santa Rita Jail (CA), a Corizon facility, was recently featured in Positive Spin, a newsletter on the Positive Health Program HIV/AIDS Division at San Francisco General Hospital. Corizon received the mention because of the Discharge Planning Program launched in March 2010.

With approximately 400 clients with HIV/AIDS coming into custody in the past two years, the goal of this intensive service provision is to ensure that inmate clients have the resources and the knowledge they need to successfully attend follow-up medical appointments upon release from detention.

The discharge program focuses on guaranteeing that inmate clients have fundamental resources they need to survive, allowing them to focus on their personal health and to realize that medical care is important.

These Corizon health programs demonstrate that discharge planning is a fundamental step to successful transitions into the community, which in turn helps them stay out of jail and experience better overall health.