Corizon facility Potosi Correctional Center medical staff recognized

Potosi Correctional Center Medical Staff RecognizedMillie Martin, a secretary for one of the Deputy Wardens at Potosi Correctional Center (PCC) (MO), a Corizon facility, recently recognized the medical staff at PCC after they were called in to offer assistance when the librarian was injured in the staff exercise room.

Ms. Martin was the only person still available in the administrative area when the incident occurred and immediately called medical to assist.  The correctional medical staff was able to stabilize the librarian so she could be transported to the emergency room. Corizon medical staff show the same dedication and compassion to employees as they do to the inmate patient population.

In her memo to the Warden, Ms. Martin states that the staff was “very professional, very intuitive and their expertise is greatly appreciated.” She went on to add that the staff “should be commended for their quick actions, they had the situation under control and were able to get (the librarian) the medical attention she needed.”

Great job, Potosi Staff!