Algoa Correctional Center Corizon employees teach inmates how to beat the heat!

Algoa Correctional Center Corizon employees teach inmates how to beat the heat!Algoa Correctional Center (MO), a Corizon facility, takes time every month to educate jail detainees through their Offender Education Board. Different topics are addressed and for the summer month of June they decided to teach inmates on heat-related illnesses, prevention of dehydration and “how to beat the heat!”

Along with the board, flyers are posted in inmate housing units and brochures are available in the correctional medical unit. This topic was chosen due to Missouri having a history of excessively hot summers and the inmate housing units do not have air conditioning.

Algoa also has a large population of work release detainees and several maintenance programs. With these inmate workers and a large number of jail detainees on psychotropic and heart medications that can increase heat-related illnesses, they felt the official start of summer was the perfect time to educate on all aspects of “how to beat the heat.”

In the fast-paced jail setting, Corizon has established processes associated with inmate patient flow, from intake through discharge. We identify those at risk for substance abuse withdrawal, behavioral health problems, chronic conditions and communicable diseases. Because jail inmate stays are often short, Corizon builds linkages with community care providers – such as substance abuse centers and community health providers – to facilitate follow-up care after release, and implement preventive care and communicable disease prevention processes wherever possible.

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