Stray Rescue of St. Louis & Corizon Operations team up to raise money


Back Row L-R: Jenna Henry, Chelle Mawhinney and Lisa Whitcomb Front Row L-R: Erica Wood, Christine Ray and Stray Rescue’s Volunteer Coordinator. Not pictured, but volunteered: Colan Pearce and Theresa Halsey

The Operations office of Corizon St. Louis recently worked to raise money and volunteer with a local animal rescue organization, Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

During December 2011, the Corizon Operations employees had the option of donating $15 cash or $15 worth of supplies in exchange for casual dress days for the month of January 2012. Similar to the Corizon Corporate office canine fundraiser, the first 75 Operations employees who donated also received a handmade pendant from Charlotte Hallworth, wife of Rich Hallworth, Corizon CEO.


Several Corizon employees also volunteered for a day with Stray Rescue of St. Louis. Their tasks included walking, feeding and playing with the rescue dogs, as well as cleaning their kennels and sorting dog and cat toys. The Rescue’s sole purpose is to rescue stray animals in need of medical attention, restore them to full health and place them in loving adoptive homes. As a no-kill shelter, their mission is to lead the way toward making St. Louis a compassionate city where every companion animal knows health, comfort and affection. Strays are not euthanized simply due to abandonment, abuse or neglect.

saint-louis-dog-corizon-rescuerSeveral of the volunteers even mentioned going back on their own time to volunteer with the organization again! To learn more about the organization visit

Corizon has a history of participating in Animal Charities. The Corporate office has taken many opportunities to provide hands-on assistance to animal organizations in various cities. To read more about Corizon‘s involvement in Animal Charities click here.