Philly Region Corizon employee participates in AIDS walk


Joe Marsella and his team

What should you be doing on your next beautiful weekend? Perhaps you should do like Corizon employee Joe Marsella, Philadelphia Regional Office, and raise money for one of your favorite charities! Joe was one of six members of HTM (Hot Team Members) who participated in the 25th Annual Aids Walk Philly; an 8.4-mile walk that took place October 16, 2011. This event is held annually in Fairmount Park and has grown in participation to an estimated 15,000 walkers and runners who raise money for HIV prevention education, public awareness and HIV care services in the Greater Philadelphia region.


Joe Marsella

Corizon employee Joe Marsella was able to raise $200 for this effort while his team raised a total of $783. This was Joe’s first time since elementary school doing a walk of this kind, so he forgot that a little training and a good night sleep before the walk would go a long way. When the walk started, Marsella admitted that the team was full of excitement and during the course they were spurred on by cheerleading from local fraternities and sororities that obviously found their purpose in this well collaborated walk. Despite the cheers, at about the 3-mile marker, Joe chuckled about how giddy his team became resulting in their transition to a V formation. I guess they were no longer HTMs but maybe flying HTMs?

Congrats to Joe Marsella and all Corizon employees who give their time, effort and money to invest in others!