Manhattan Corizon facility employees save a life

Manhattan Corizon facility employees save a life

Claire Leveille, RN; Allen Walker, PA and Mindy Venetek, PCA

It was close to noon, lunchtime, on January 26th at the Manhattan Detention Complex (MDC), a Corizon facility in New York City, when the call came in, “Medical Emergency in the basement.” “The basement,” the Emergency Response Team called to each other as they gathered their equipment–the perk bag, oxygen bag, ambu bag, defibrillator, stretcher and tracheotomy tray. Within seconds, Physician Assistant, Allen Walker, Registered Nurse, Claire Leveille and Patient Care Associate, Mindy Venetek were on their way. As they arrived in the basement they were directed to the Maintenance Shop where one of the civilian electricians was suffering from what was described as a possible heart attack. Apparently after moving some very heavy materials with a colleague, the civilian patient felt a pain in his chest and his breathing became labored—followed by nausea and vomiting.

The Response Team went right to work by supplying oxygen, checking vitals and restoring calm to the civilian patient and his concerned fellow workers. The Response Team also made an immediate call to 911; fortunately, an EMT emergency response crew was in the area and was able to respond to the site within minutes. The Corizon Response Team at that point relinquished care to the New York City EMTs who whisked the civilian electrician to a nearby emergency room for follow-up care and treatment.

Hours later, long after the Response Team had returned to patient care in the clinic, the following email was received from MDC’s Warden, Artemio Colon: “Cannot find enough words to thank your staff, Leo (civilian electrician) and family are extremely grateful—excellent prognosis for recovery!”

Shortly thereafter, members of the Maintenance Department came to the Clinic to personally thank the responders and all the Corizon staff for their quick, efficient and professional handling of the situation. If they had not responded as they did, “Leo may have been a goner.”

I am pleased to report that “Leo” continues to convalesce at home under the watchful eyes of his family while we, the Corizon Doctors, Nurses, Mental Health Clinicians and Pharmacists continue to do what we do best here at MDC, taking care of patients in a professional and caring way!!

Respectfully Submitted on Behalf of ALL the wonderful CORIZON STAFF at the Manhattan Detention Complex—An NCCHC Accredited Facility

Corizon facilities are committed in providing a constant culture of patient safety. This includes an emphasis on open communication and transparency, teamwork and accountability. These same goals provide the foundation for our corporate commitment to a culture of patient safety.

Corizon recognizes excellence in patient safety as a journey, rather than a destination. We are always striving to enhance the quality of the healthcare we deliver, ever mindful of safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness.