Homestead C.I., a Corizon facility, completes responsible parenting program

The staff at Homestead Correctional Institution (Florida), a Corizon facility, extend congratulations to the graduates of the “Responsible Parenting Program.”

This is a 10-week Behavioral Health group that focuses on teaching inmates skills for effective/responsible parenting; helps them to better understand the emotional and psychological needs of their children; and fosters improved communication between mothers and their children. With its strong emphasis on repairing and rebuilding, inmates who complete the class also obtain a renewed sense of empowerment and hope regarding their ability to parent their children effectively.

The group format is psycho-educational, and 14 inmates participated. The program is well rounded, offering a wide range of topics including support, communication, anger management, boundaries and expectations, values, positive identity and more.

The group ended with a powerful letter-writing assignment in which inmates got an opportunity to share with their children their experience with the group, including specific topics and skill sets they have learned. Congratulations to the 14 inmates from the Responsible Parenting Program who received their Certificate of Completion.

The Corizon Behavioral Health Program has proven to be a model in the correctional healthcare industry. Our approach reduces risk to inmate patients, correctional facilities and the public by focusing on early identification and assessment, health education, prevention, treatment, continuity of care and reintegration services.