A man with a big heart!

A Man with a Big Heart!All it took was one phone call from Tom Leskowsky, RN Supervisor for PA DOC at SCI-Dallas and Dr. Stan Stanish, Corizon Regional Medical Director was on his way. This time he was not headed to the prison but to the American Red Cross shelter at the State Street Elementary School in Larksville, PA. It was to provide emergency care to a child who was displaced from his home as a result of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. Pennsylvania was one of the eastern states heavily damaged with flooding as the result of those natural disasters that struck in late September of 2011.

Tom Leskowsky is associated with the local chapter of the American Red Cross as the DSHR and has volunteered during the Katrina disaster, California Wild Fires and Tennessee Floods. Tom is not unfamiliar with providing countless hours to serve others and identifies Dr. Stanish as equally compassionate. The relationship between these professionals is more than Vendor and Client. It has grown over the past decade to one of mutual respect and admiration.

In the height of the disaster, Dr. Stanish arrived at the Shelter, which had become a safe haven for 300 flood victims. After tending to the ill child, he spent the remainder of the day doing similar assessments with minimal available resources. His reward was a warm meal served by the Salvation Army. Dr. Stanish offered his services as the on-call physician as long as the shelter remained open.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Stan Stanish, Corizon Regional Medical Director, for his compassion and contribution to the community. However, this gesture is not uncommon for Dr. Stanish. He regularly opens his “heart” to anyone in need.