Idaho Nurses save one of their own

Idaho Nurses save one of their own

From L to R: Tom Dolan, Regional VP; Sharon Patterson, LPN; Sabrina Bual, RN; Sara Goff, DON and Chuck Jones, VP Operations

On the morning of Sept. 29th at 1:00 am, Nate Chaney found a Corizon nurse unconscious on the pill room floor. He initiated emergency care and called for immediate assistance. The fallen nurse was unconscious and had slipped into respiratory arrest. Together Sharon Patterson, Matt Silvers, Krystal Maxey and Allie Bershears provided emergency care under the direction of Sabrina Bual, which resulted in a successful resuscitation. The ambulance arrived 40 minutes later. The Security Staff from IDOC provided support and assistance throughout the code and facilitated the transfer of the Corizon nurse to a local hospital. One of the security staff accompanied the Corizon nurse, Helen, in the ambulance.

The staff worked as a team and has been recognized for the excellent care they provided the Corizon staff member. The DOC held a CISM (critical incident debriefing) for the staff members who assisted in the emergency situation. The Corizon staff were invited to attend and participate in the briefing as well.

The Corizon nurse was in the hospital on a ventilator for several days and is now at home recovering.  Needless to say, she is most grateful to her colleagues for their prompt and excellent emergency care.  The Corizon staff involved were recognized at a regional meeting and security staff were awarded certificates of excellence.

This type of event really shows Corizon how caring the healthcare providers are who they have working for them! We are all very blessed to have these wonderful folks on our Corizon team.